Our Disciplined process for investing and allocating capital

Creative & Fundamental Investment Process

  • Falcon Edge employs a creative and fundamental investment approach where value-added research is a primary tool in identifying risk-reward asymmetries where we believe we have a variant perception

  • A key component of the process typically involves extensive on-the-ground research and creatively sourcing and researching investment ideas via investigative diligence across a variety of markets

Behavioral Finance

  • We seek to avoid relying on fallacies that investors often fall prey to such as anchoring, confirmation bias, simple extrapolation, narrow framing and recency bias; we believe keen awareness of behavioral finance allows us to potentially take advantage of such fallacies

  • We aim to consider a variety of angles, seek out non-conforming evidence, and avoid judging the probability of an event solely by what is readily or recently available

Experienced Team

  • The investment team has experience in a wide range of industries, geographies, and sectors

  • Team members work collaboratively to drive creative research and challenge each other

  • The team is incentivized to think like owners

Global Network

  • We believe the Firm has a unique and broad network of leading entrepreneurs, industry and thought leaders, local counterparties and investors

  • We use our network to provide valuable insights into our diligence on ideas and exposure to below-the-radar themes and opportunities

Risk Management

  • Risk management, as defined by capital preservation, is integral to the Firm’s investment approach

  • The Firm manages risk holistically across multiple parameters and durations

  • The Firm does not define risk management by volatility or any single statistical measure